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Specialists In Organisational, Professional & Personal Development for Social, Environmental & Humanitarian Endeavours

Humanity has made progress in recent decades, yet there is still much work to be done in the world – both in developing countries around the world and in more developed countries.

The 17 UN Global Goals aimed to be achieved by 2030 are still a long way off, governments alone can’t do it, leaders in commerce don’t necessarily want to, and many non-profits/NGOs/charities aren’t setup in a way they can grow enough to make a big enough impact.

We need to do things differently, we need to reposition existing organisations, develop highly impactful, influential and resourceful changemakers in those organisations and build a new wave of organisations that are capable of addressing the issues we face.

As a nonprofit social enterprise we achieve this through providing coaching, training and mentoring in the following areas:

Startup Mentorship

Have you ever thought of launching your own venture one day?

New Startup Mentorship

Get guidance on how to prepare the right foundations to launch a nonprofit/ charity/ NGO/ social enterprise to make it grow, survive and thrive.

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Nonprofit Consultancy

As a leader in an existing organisation do you seek ways to grow it better?

Nonprofit Consultancy

Rallying more resources, funding, increasing the effectiveness of your impact, leadership, staff and management development, partnerships, etc

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Professional Development

Do you want to build a more fulfilling and rewarding career?

Professional Development

Getting your first job in the 3rd sector, advancing in your career, changing careers or developing leadership, management & communication skills, etc.

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Personal Development

Maybe you want change in your own life and develop yourself?

Personal Development

Overcoming procrastination, developing positive habits and mindset, discovering your passion & direction in life, building strong relationships.

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Causes & Campaigns We Directly Support

We will work to develop any social, humanitarian or environmentally focus project or organisation. Yet we do support and develop particular causes and campaigns that are crucial in the world right now to rally resources, organisations and people to influence them. Here are a handful of some of them…



Our Approach to How We Work

Significant and lasting change is directly associated with the development of the character, competency and community surrounding any issue, which is why we operate in the way we’ve outlined below.

What Some of Our Partners Say

“Working with Adam has been a real journey. He has taken the time for years now to regularly check in on my progress in both my professional and personal development. We have talked through many visions for the future and he has given me the tools and resources to read and learn to grow as a person and in my work. I’m grateful for Adam’s continued support and encouragement and his persistence even when I felt like I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Adam is a true giver and has selflessly and consistently been supportive for me and The Worldwide Tribe.”


Latest Podcasts & Articles

We regularly share insights and stories from around the world of aspiring changemakers and the difference they are making to inspire you in your journey.

Episode 8 – Eco-Entrepreneurship – Zero Waste Shop & Environmentally Conscious Businesses

December 3rd, 2020|

“I’m encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing


Develop Your Knowledge & Skills

It’s the character, knowledge and skills gap which you must fill to build the relationships and resources needed to make a big impact. Our online Academy will help you build those. 

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