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The large majority of the training, development, coaching or consultancy is provided in 1-on-1 mentorship/coaching sessions as this provides the most effective support that any individual or organisation needs.

After an initial assessment to understand more clearly what your needs and wants are, we’ll then propose a uniquely tailored development program for you. Typically we take things in 1-3 month modules that we do one at a time and then re-evaluate and review at the end of each one. It is common that development programs consist of a weekly 1hr coaching session along with ongoing support and accountability throughout the week to help keep you on track with what was outlined in the session. We’ve found that one of the biggest areas people need the most guidance is in actually applying what they learn.

We’re a non-profit, where there are costs involved we use those funds to support a range of other social, environmental or humanitarian causes, so as you grow and develop you help make a difference in other crucial areas too. In terms of how much our training costs, it really depends upon what is needed, along with people’s/organisation’s financial predicaments. We won’t let someone’s financial difficulties get in the way if they’re serious about developing. So we have access to funding pools to subsidise training for people and organisations who are struggling.

So take a look at the tab that is most relevant to what you’re looking for to get a little more insight and then get in touch and one of the team who will chat with you to explain how it applies to your unique circumstances.

Startup Mentorship

Projects, initiatives, campaigns, nonprofits, NGOs, charities, etc very often end up struggling because the founders weren’t prepared enough before they launched – they we’re lacking enough of the right level of thinking, knowledge, ideas, resourcefulness, skills and the network/community at their side.

We help people way before they launch to put everything in place, to build the right foundation that is required for what they want to achieve because most people end up only building the foundation capable of supporting a small shack, but with aspirations to build a skyscraper, it is flawed right from the outset. They may have the greatest dream and a wonderful attitude, but ignorance is the biggest killer of any dream and it is tough to be aware of something you didn’t even know that you needed to know.

So we start early with helping people develop themselves, their about to lead, inspire, direct and motivate themselves, their mindset and effectiveness habits, because if someone struggles to organise themselves they’ll struggle to run an organisation of various other people. Then we’ll help them build their leadership skills and circle-of-influence, building their network and community that will form the basis of doing their market research and rally the resources and team they need to launch.

Nonprofit Consultancy

So whether you’re a fledgling organisation, or whether you’ve been operating for decades we can providing consultancy services in the array of areas needed to overcome the challenges you face or to set you on track to growing at the pace you both want and that is needed of you.

Some of the areas will include the following:

  • Recruiting the best staff
  • Training staff to enhance their productivity
  • Leadership direction of where and how to navigate the organisation forward
  • Project management
  • Procurement of resources and funding
  • Reducing costs
  • Building new revenue streams and enhancing existing ones
  • Partnership network development
  • Impact effectiveness – enhancing the impact you can make with existing resources
  • Branding
  • Marketing

Professional Development

Many people prefer to stay in employment but are looking to advance their career, or for some people their wish to change careers into something that is more fulfilling and rewarding where they feel like they’re valued and their efforts genuinely make a difference.

So whether it is helping you identify where you want to go in your career, or creating the Career Development Plan so you have it mapped out on how to get there. It could be communications training, public speaking skills, leadership development, management skills, project management, dealing with stress, time management, etc.

If you are looking to transition careers then we’ll help you map out the best pathway to do so, help you open doors with the right organisations and work with recruitment specialists to help get you in the door.

Personal Development

So maybe you feel like there is more to life than what you’re currently living? Or maybe you’re not too sure about where you want to go in life or what you’re passionate about? Perhaps you feel like something is holding you back, limiting beliefs, fears, habits, procrastination? Maybe you feel like you can achieve more, or you want to develop new habits or mindset? Perhaps you want to enhance your ability to communicate, deal with your emotions, overcome grief or improve your relationships?

Personal Development means many things to many people, but ultimately if there is something you want to improve of enhance about yourself, your personal life, or relationships then our mentors can guide you in the right direction.

Who Can We Work With

We’ve come across countless people who do care, who do have great hearts and that is so precious and is the most important thing we look for.

Beyond that, is an openness and willingness to learn and grow, to genuinely be humble – humility is the key. To optimise, someone has to be willing to look at themselves and be willing to grow and become a better person, this quality is fundamental.

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