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The Need For Greater Change in the World

We need a new wave of aspiring changemakers, social and eco-entrepreneurs open to developing their character, competence, conscience and community to build initiatives, projects, and organisations in a new way – harnessing the good practices of effective entrepreneurs, but laser-focused at targeting the social, environmental and humanitarian projects in our local communities and around the world!

While many believe that humanity has made substantial progress in recent decades, we still face growing challenges that have never yet been solved at a scale so desperately needed and existing governments and NGOs/Charities alone cannot solve.

The aid/nonprofit/charity sector is in desperate need for a shake up!

Change Genuinely Starts With Oneself

While to some Gandhi’s famous saying…

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

…might seem like a pretty cliche, the reality is it couldn’t be more apt! The most fundamental ‘resource’ that optimises the success of any project is the character, competency and community around the issue. These are severely lacking at a level required but can all be developed.

Starting with the conscience, the leadership skills, the creative resourcefulness, problem solving skills, finely tuned intuition, high levels of emotional intelligence, ability to motivate and inspire oneself when times are tough and remain focused and disciplined.

These are all qualities which can be learnt and developed!

A Little Bit About Us

It all began with 5 years of research on the ground with hundreds of organisations into what causes them to fail or succeed, into what differentiates those organisations that are sustainable and thrive and those that don’t. We conducted an array of research programs, interviews and trial projects with thousands of people.

Armed with these 5 years of research Be The Change Project was launched in 2012 to focus exclusively on individuals and organisations who care about what is going on in the world and eager to do something about it.

Since then we’ve particularly focused on startup social, environmental or humanitarian organisations, or early stage organisations to help them establish the right foundation so that they can optimise rather than find themselves stuck at a plateau because they weren’t established in the best way.

Causes & Campaigns

We will work to develop any social, humanitarian or environmentally focused project or organisation. Yet we do support and develop particular causes and campaigns that are crucial in the world right now to rally resources, organisations and people to influence them. Here are a handful of some of them…


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